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I’ve already talked extensively on the subject of running, which can be read at: Matthias Koster Running


Like most, I enjoy travelling. I’ve been to many locations within North America over the past decade. In the near future I would like to spend an extended time out west, hiking & running. I’d also like to head back to Hawaii, visit Japan and take an extended holiday in Europe.

Healthy Living

I like to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and conscious eating is a big part of my life. I never count calories, eating for vitamins & nutrients. I’d be lost without my trusty Blendtec and a number of diet staples, such as spouted grains, lentils, organic spinach & kale, Spirulina, quinoa, chia and a variety of other foods.


I donate to a variety of charities, and in the past I’ve organized & carried out campaigns for charities such as Jays Care.


I read roughly 30 books a year, from a wide variety of genres such as Biographies, Fiction, Business, Technology, Sports, and Health.

I also frequently enjoy listening to audiobooks from Overdrive Media and Audible during my daily commutes to work, as well as on my long runs.

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