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I began running in 2011— it quickly changed my perception of what is possible.

We’ve all ran a little bit as kids. Gym class, the playground, being late for the bus.

Like most, running fell to the way side as the years passed by.

I ran on and off for fitness here and there, and I didn’t start a cohesive plan running plan until 2011.

At that time I wanted to ‘give it a go’ and see if I could complete a 5K without stopping.

Along the way I found myself bitten by the running bug. The previous goal of 5K turned into 10K, then a half marathon. Roughly six months later I ran my first marathon. And I haven’t looked back since.

Over the past three years I’ve ran in over 20 races of varying distance, put in thousands of training miles and gained a new found respect for nature and the capabilities of the human body— and mind.

Running has changed my mindset about what is possible. Proper goal setting, a consistent effort, resource management, positive attitude and, to a degree, stubbornness can overcome any limitations. I’ve ran through snow storms, knee injuries and multiple glycemic walls during races of 50 miles or more.

Below is a listing of highlight races I’ve run, personal bests and future goals.

Highlight Races

  • Boston Marathon
  • Disney Marathon (Orlando)
  • Woodstock 50 Mile Ultramarathon (3rd age cat)
  • Dirty Girls 120km Ultramarathon
  • Toronto Waterfront Marathon
  • Buffalo Marathon x 2
  • Mississauga Marathon (3:02 PB)
  • Hamilton Road 2 Hope Half Marathon
  • North Face Blue Mountain Half Marathon (2nd age cat)

Career Bests

  • 5K: 18:36
  • 10K: 39:19
  • 1/2 Marathon: 1:30:21
  • Marathon: 3:02:53

Future Goals

  • Complete a 100 mile ultramarathon in under 24 hours
  • Sub 18:00 minute 5K
  • Sub 1:24 Half Marathon

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