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Reputation management, customer engagement and competitor analysis continues to evolve. Gone are the days of relying solely upon customer suggestion boxes and follow up phone calls. Real time communication isn’t the exception, it’s the norm.

Social listening can help brands do a number of things, including but not exclusive to:

  • Engage consumers
  • Use their User Generated Content (UGC) as ‘social proof’ marketing assets
  • Provide customer service at time of issue instead of after the fact service recovery

There are a number of free and advanced tools to help businesses of any size plan and implement a social listening strategy.

Perhaps the easiest method is using Hootsuite. In this example I’ll showcase twitter location tracking.

Hootsuite Twitter Location Tracking

All Hootsuite accounts, paid or free, have access to a geo targeted notification system for twitter tweets. Here is how the process works with Google Maps.

Preparatory Steps for Twitter Geo Social Listening

  1. Open free or paid Hootsuite Social Media Listening & Posting Account
  2. Download the Hootsuite Google Chrome Extension

This should take no more than five minutes. Now let’s geo track twitter activity.

Example Business: Disney Hollywood Studios Florida Themepark

Head over to Google Maps Listening Example and search for your business, which in this example is Disney Hollywood Studios

On the left hand side of the page is a collection of map data. Click the ‘Tweets near here‘ option.

Tweets Near Here Selection
Tweets Near Here Selection

This opens up a geo targeted pane in the right hand side of the screen, showcasing all results within a pre-determined distance from the location. For this example we’ve chosen 500 metres.

We can now add this to a list of tabs inside of Hootsuite, named ‘streams‘. Click the add stream button that is highlighted in the image above.

Social Listening GEO Targeting
Social Listening GEO Targeting

Twitter Social Listening inside of Hootsuite

With this complete, head over to and go inside of your account. In the below screenshot you will see a tab/stream for tweets near this location.

Real Time Social Listening Stream
Real Time Social Listening Stream

You can now go through recent and past tweets from these locations. This only tracks devices with location settings turned on. While this isn’t optimal, it typically provides a large data set.

As we can see in the above tab/stream, a user has highlighted their approval of the new Star Wars attraction located inside of Hollywood Studios. A Disney rep can now interact with this customer on Twitter and/or follow their link to Instagram and do the same.

Listen to Customers: Your own and the competitions

This is a great tool for listening to your customers. It can also be used to spy on competitors customers. For example, Disney could go ahead and add a stream for tweets near competitor Universal Stuidos theme park.

This is just one of many social listening tools available online. If you’re interested in additional techniques feel free to Contact Matthias Koster via email and connect on Linkedin.

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